Our recreational gymnastics classes are for boys and girls and offer
instruction for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes from ages 3-16 years.
Whether it’s your child’s first time trying out a class, or they’ve done gymnastics before, we
have the right class for them. Our facility has all of the apparatuses that make up men’s and
women’s gymnastics, so your little athlete will be able to train like the Olympians they see on
TV. Although most sports have seasons, gymnastics is a year-round
commitment for athletes at the upper levels.

Gymnastics is one of the only sports a child can begin when he or she learns to walk. Gymnastics allows parents and toddlers to come to class, learn and play. It is the first form of organized activity in which your child can participate.

Girls Recreational Gymnastics
There are four events in women's gymnastics:
Vault, Uneven Bars,
Balance Beam & Floor Exercise.

This discipline requires incredible
strength and flexibility.

Boy parkour

Boys Recreational Gymnastics
There are six events in men's gymnastics:
Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault,
Parallel Bars & Horizontal Bar.
This discipline requires an incredible amount
of strength and power.


A successful vault begins with a strong, accelerated run. The best vaulters explode off the board with tremendous quickness during the preflight phase of the vault.

Uneven Bars

The most spectacular of the women's events, the uneven bars
demand strength, as well as
concentration, courage, coordination and split-second timing.

Male Gymnast on ring Rings

Male gymnast on Pommel Horse Pommel Horse

Floor Exercise

Usually a favorite event for the fans, the floor routine must be
choreographed to music and cover the entire floor area.The gymnasts must use a variety of dance and tumbling elements which reflects her personality.

Balance Beam

The beam is only four inches wide and considered the most difficult event by many gymnasts.
The gymnast must use acrobatic, tumbling and dance movements in her routine.

Male Gymnast floor exerciseFloor Exercise

Parallel Bars

Our tumbling program focuses only on the floor exercise event. It is a great place for athletes to practice their routines, back-handsprings, cart-wheels, vertical jump, and much more. Jischke Gymnastics is equipped with a tumbling floor designed to offer athletes the safest environment for their training.

Our ninja program offers all the athleticism of a gymnastics class, all the discipline of a martial arts class, and all the excitement of freestyle movement

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Party DesignParties & Celebrations
Jischke Gymnastics offers a unique environment for your special day! 2 Hours of non-stop gymnastics fun and games, supervised by our staff. Jump, run, laugh and have a great time with your friends!
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Private Lessons
Are you having problems sticking your landings? Are you not as flexible as you'd like to be?
Schedule your private lesson with one of our
authorized coaches and beat the challenge!

Summer Camps By JischkeSummer Camps
Summers just got better, at Jischke Gymnastics! Whether you are an experienced gymnast or just want to try the sport and stay active during your long summer days, we have the perfect recreational activities for you! Open registration every summer.