Our Story
As a young boy, Paul Jischke was a bundle of energy. He was the type of kid who would much rather be running around with friends, jumping up and down, climbing on trees than plopped in front of the TV. It is not surprising that when his parents enrolled him in gymnastics, he took it like a fish to water. Paul has kept his gymnastics fire burning by teaching his prowess on the mats to his protégées, since the opening of the Jischke Gymnastics and Fitness Center (JGFC) in September 2010 when he partnered up with Tania and Luis Martinez, co-owners of JGFC, to bring this enterprise to life.

At JGFC you can expect that same energy and attention by Paul and his staff, who have designed a system that makes it possible for any kid to learn the skills it takes to be a full-fledged gymnast.

Coach Paul

Coach IraizCoach Iraiz

Dividing her time between dentistry and gymnastics, Coach Iraiz is doing what she likes most by inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. A combination of music, dance and gymnastics are what pushed her to pursue a career in coaching. Now, with more than 10 years of experience as a certified gymnastics coach, her goal is not only to form good athletes but good people. Coach Iraiz is CPR and AED certified and has worked with competitive and recreational gymnasts at Jischke Gymnastics for over nine years.
Through love, respect, hard work and discipline everything can be achieved. -Anonymous

Coach LouieCoach Louie

Is in charge of our Ninja Kids program, he has been certified in Recreational Gymnastics for boys and girls. Louie started coaching because he strongly believes sports can help children in more ways than just improving their health.

Coach KarinaCoach Karina

Started her cheerleading career in middle school and fell in love with the sport. In 2015 she became part of the Jischke family and gymnastics became her passion. She also has great passion for coaching children.

Coach SamCoach Sam

She was in cheerleading as she was growing up. Through it all, she found her passion for coaching, which is how she became a part of the Jischke family. She is a certified gymnastics coach and really enjoys training little children which is why she is the head of our Tot-Time program!

Coach BeccaCoach Becca

Is a Senior at Texas A&M International University currently working towards her Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders. Rebecca found her passion for coaching after over six years of cheerleading. Rebecca has been part of the Jischke family for over two years. Rebecca is certified in CPR and ITP 102 Preschool. She enjoys coaching because she is able to help her athletes reach their gymnastics goals.

Coach AnnaCoach Anna

She began as a studio and drill team competitive dancer. She then continued on to becoming an instructor and worked for the Universal Dance Association. She has had various different trainings in both dance and tumbling & acrobatics over the past couple of years that have been of great asset to her training and betterment as a member of the Jischke family.

Coach Rebbeca

Coach Mahogany

Coach Nicole